• How to Free the Trapped Radicals from the Carboxyl?

    五分彩标签图 www.ouxqn.tw ?The removal of carboxyl groups and the release of alkyl radical fragments from the tight binding of carboxyl groups are one of the most interesting and promising directions in organic synthesis, especially in the field of new drug synthesis. Scientists around the world designed various catalysts try to solve this challenge. USTC Young scientists have made a big step forward developed a cheap and simple catalyst system.

    ——USTC young scientists creates a cheap and simple visible light catalytic system(Image by CUI Jie)
  • Optical Toric Code Platform Sets New Record
    [2019-03-25] A research group led by professor PAN Jianwei and LU Chaoyang of University of Science and Technology of China successfully designed the largest planar code platform at p...
  • [Science China Press]Semiconductor: A New Contender for Scalable Quantum Computing
    [2019-03-22] Professor Guo-Ping Guo with his co-workers reviewed recent developments of qubits based on semiconductors and discussed the challenges and opportunities for scalable quan...
  • A New Raising Trend of Campus Culture: USTC "Praise" Wechat Groups
    [2019-03-20] "Praise" wechat group, or namely "quaqua" group is becoming popular among universities. What is "praise" wechat group and why it goes viral? Let's take a look of this new...
  • USTC Scientists Realize High-Fidelity Optical OAM Communication Under Highly Scattering En...
    [2019-03-18] The orbital angular momentum (OAM) of light has been taken as a promising degree of freedom in multiplexing data. Because the OAM of light could offer the unlimited chann...
  • USTC Dragon Boat Team Wins the First Prize in Anhui University Dragon Boat Open
    [2019-03-15] the 2019 Anhui University Dragon Boat Open Tournament is held on March 7 and 8 at the Zipeng Scenic Spots, Hefei, Anhui. dragon boat team of University of Science and Tec...
  • USTC firstly realizes self-testing of Bell state measurements
    [2019-03-15] The CAS key lab of quantum information makes an important progress in the study of quantum entanglement networks: Li Chuan-Feng, Chen Geng and their colleagues have reali...
  • LrNK Cells Can Maintain Liver Immune Tolerance
    [2019-03-11] USTC researchers discovered that liver-resident NK cells can negatively regulate the antiviral immune response of T cells and its mechanisms, which was published in Immu...
  • [ScienceNews]Merging magnetic blobs fuel the sun’s huge plasma eruptions
    [2019-03-07] ?Solar plasma eruptions are the sum of many parts, a new look at a 2013 coronal mass ejection shows.
  • USTC Researchers First Validated Quantum Steering Ellipsoids
    [2019-03-05] USTC researches made the first experimental validation of quantum steering ellipsoids.
  • First Domestically Built Near-infrared Sky Brightness Monitor Successfully Installed
    [2019-03-01] USTC researchers first domestically built near-infrared sky brightness monitor and successfully put into operation in Antarctica Kunlun Station.
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  • Organic Molecules Coming of Age in Quantum Optics

    4-08 16:00 ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Atomic-Layer Superconductors and Topological Insulators

    4-3 9:00 3#210 Meeting Room, NSRL

    First-principles molecular dynamics simulations of liquid water and lithium

    3-29 15:00 ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Electrical and optical stimuli induced effects in perovskites

    3-21 10:00 ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Towards ideal topological materials: Comprehensive database searches using symme...

    03-18 15:00 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

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